§ 9-112-570

Taxicab wheelchair accessible vehicles and centralized wheelchair accessible dispatch


The commissioner is authorized by rule to regulate wheelchair accessible taxicab vehicles and a centralized dispatch system for wheelchair accessible taxicab vehicles.  The commissioner is authorized to assess the costs of such a central dispatch system upon those licensees with wheelchair accessible taxicabs.


(1) Any single licensee that owns or controls 20 or more licenses must place into service wheelchair accessible vehicles as taxicabs on five percent of its taxicab vehicle fleet.


In addition to compliance with subparagraph (b)(1) of this section, any licensee that owns or controls 10 or more taxicab licenses shall have at least 10 percent of its taxicab fleet be wheelchair accessible vehicles by January 1, 2018, if accessibility fund monies are available to reimburse the additional costs associated with purchasing vehicles to be used as taxicabs that are fully wheelchair accessible as provided in the definition of the term “accessibility fund”.


If a licensee replaces a wheelchair accessible taxicab vehicle, the replacement vehicle shall also be a wheelchair accessible taxicab vehicle.


In determining the wheelchair accessible taxicab vehicles requirements above, the city will add up the total number of licenses held by a single licensee. The total number of licenses that each licensee holds will be based on the total licenses in each corporation, or legal entity, in which he holds a 25 percent or greater share of ownership interest including, but not limited to, stocks and shares.


Each taxicab affiliation must have verifiable records, in a form designated by the commissioner by regulation, regarding the response of the taxicab affiliation to each request for a wheelchair accessible vehicle.  Each taxicab affiliation shall provide such records to the commissioner upon request for same.


The department shall audit the centralized dispatch for wheelchair accessible vehicles on an annual basis.  If the department finds that the centralized dispatch is not serving the goals of the disabled community, the department shall take such actions as are necessary to ensure that the disabled community is served in a timely manner.

(Added Coun. J. 1-18-12, p. 19118, § 1; Amend Coun. J. 5-28-14, p. 82771, § 4)



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