§ 9-112-560

Airport service


Every licensed public chauffeur of a taxicab licensed by the City of Chicago shall service Chicago- O’Hare International Airport and Chicago Midway International Airport (for purposes of this section, respectively, “O’Hare” and “Midway”) by transporting, upon request, persons to and from these airports.  No licensed public chauffeur may refuse a proper request for transportation to and from these airports.


It is unlawful for an owner or a driver of any vehicle not licensed as a taxicab or public passenger vehicle by the City of Chicago to solicit or accept for transportation any person or persons at or upon the premises of these airports for transportation within or outside of the City of Chicago.  Provided, however, this provision shall not apply when the person at either airport desiring other taxicab service has prearranged to hire a suburban taxicab or livery to transport him outside of the City of Chicago.


No suburban taxicab or livery vehicle is prohibited from entering those airports to discharge passengers previously accepted for transportation outside the City of Chicago for the purpose of transportation to these airports.


The fares and charges set forth by ordinance apply to all fares to and from these airports, except as otherwise indicated in this section.


The fare for transportation originating from O’Hare or Midway to the following suburbs is a straight meter fare accrued and displayed on the meter plus any applicable tolls and surcharges:

Des Plaines

Elk Grove Village

Elmwood Park


Harwood Heights




Oak Park

Park Ridge

River Grove




Bedford Park


Blue Island


Calumet City

Calumet Park




Park Forrest View

Hines/VA hospital


Merrionette Park

Old Lawn





A shared ride program shall be in operation only from O’Hare and Midway.  For purposes of this section a “shared ride” means a taxicab trip with a minimum of two passengers and maximum of four passengers that originates from specified locations and ends within specified locations for a specified flat fee per person.

Shared rides shall be in operation only at designated cab stands when authorized personnel are on duty.  The authorized personnel shall have complete authority to make final decisions pertaining to loading shared ride passengers at these airports.

The following shall be the starting and ending points and rates for shared rides.  Prices listed are per person, per trip, and do not include tolls and other surcharges:

From O’Hare to Downtown or McCormick Place – $24.00
From Midway to Downtown or McCormick Place – $18.00
From O’Hare to Midway – $37.00
From Midway to O’Hare – $37.00

For purposes of this section the term “downtown” means the area bounded by 22nd Street (South), Fullerton Avenue (North), Ashland Avenue (West), and Lake Michigan (East).

The commissioner may by rule regulate at the airports procedures and protocols for taxicab staging, movement of taxicabs from the staging areas to the terminals, loading and unloading of passengers at the airports, and any other activity that affects taxicab service at the airports.

(Added Coun. J. 1-18-12, p. 19118, § 1)



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