§ 9-112-510

Taximeter, fare collection and global position system specifications

A licensee is responsible for ensuring that his taxicab(s) are equipped with a taximeter connected with and operated from the transmission of the taxicab to which it is attached.  The taximeter must be active whenever the taxicab is engaged for hire within the city limits.

Taximeters must register the rates and charges accrued as set by this chapter.  The taximeter shall display the fare in a manner and size so as to be plainly visible to the passenger while riding in the back seat of the vehicle.  All taximeters must be equipped with a receipt-dispensing mechanism.  The commissioner may promulgate rules governing taximeter and receipt specifications.

The fare-indicating mechanism of the taximeter shall be actuated by the distance mechanism whenever the vehicle is in motion at such a speed that the rate of distance revenue equals or exceeds the time rate, and may be actuated by the time mechanism whenever the vehicle speed is less than this and when the vehicle is not in motion.

Taximeters shall be designed, calibrated and tested to register fares pursuant to the standards published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T.) in N.I.S.T. Handbook 44, as amended.

It is unlawful for a licensee to operate or lease a taxicab or a public chauffeur to operate a taxicab for hire within the city unless (1) that taxicab’s meter has been sealed by the commissioner and (2) the meter is in proper and accurate working condition in accordance with this chapter and applicable rules.

The commissioner is authorized to issue rules necessary to regulate the payment of fares, including but not limited to, cash, credit cards, debit cards, cyber-cash and other generally acceptable means of purchasing goods and services.  Such rules may also specify the type and placement of non-cash payment devices, providing that all non-cash payment methods shall be located in the rear passenger compartment for use by the passenger.

Such rules may also provide the maximum amount charged to the chauffeur, directly or indirectly, by any taxicab licensee or taxicab affiliation in processing any non-cash payment of a fare.

As of the effective date of this chapter, any licensee who replaces a taxicab must install in the replacement vehicle a rear seat swipe credit card processing equipment approved by the department.

The commissioner is authorized to issue rules necessary to require and regulate the installation of global position system (GPS) in all taxicabs.

(Added Coun. J. 1-18-12, p. 19118, § 1)



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