§ 9-112-490

License number and driver identification – Display

Every taxicab shall have the taxicab vehicle license number painted in one of the following locations:  (1) the center of the main panel of the rear doors of the vehicle, or (2) on the rear panels of the vehicle if an advertising permit has been issued for the rear door.  If the medallion licensee is affiliated with a taxicab affiliation, the affiliation’s color scheme, name and telephone number shall be substituted.

The commissioner may also provide, pursuant to rule, that other information of interest to the public, including, but not limited to, the licensee’s or taxicab affiliation’s website or e-mail address and/or the current taximeter rates of fare be permanently and prominently affixed to the outside of the vehicle.  No other name, number, emblem, or advertisement of any kind excepting signs or advertisements required or permitted by this chapter, official license emblems or a metal plate shall be painted or carried so as to be visible on the outside of any taxicab unless otherwise required by state law.

(Added Coun. J. 1-18-12, p. 19118, § 1)



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