§ 9-112-440

License managers


As of the effective date of this chapter, no person shall act as a license manager for any license not issued to him or to a corporation of which he is an officer or to a partnership of which he is a partner without first obtaining a license manager’s license from the commissioner.  An applicant must apply for a license manager license using a print or electronic form prescribed by, and as directed by, the commissioner and accompanied by such documents as the commissioner may require.  License managers registered with the commissioner on the effective date of this chapter will have a two-month grace period to obtain such license.


No licensee shall allow any person to assume or undertake any or all of his responsibilities relating to the leasing of his license(s) unless that person is a licensed license manager with the commissioner.  In the event that a licensee allows any person, not licensed as a license manager with the commissioner, to assume or undertake any such responsibilities, the medallion license shall be suspended until such time as the licensee appears in the office of the commissioner and sufficiently establishes that either the person assuming the responsibilities is a licensed license manager or that the licensee is meeting those responsibilities himself.  In addition, any licensee who allows an unlicensed license manager to assume or undertake his responsibilities may have his medallion license revoked.


No person shall be eligible to be licensed as a license manager unless they can meet the eligibility requirements for a license holder listed in Sections

9-112-100" destination-id="JD_9-112-100">9-112-100 and 9-112-110" destination-id="JD_9-112-110">9-112-110 of this Code.


License managers and the licensee shall be jointly and severally liable for any violations of this chapter or the rules and regulations promulgated thereunder.


The annual fee for each license manager license is $1,000.00.  All license manager licenses expire on October 31.  Renewal of such license must be made during the month of October.  The fee shall be paid in advance before the license is issued.  In order to avoid lapse of the license manager license, the licensee must renew the license before the expiration date of the licensing term.  License manager licensing renewal fees must be paid before the first day of the licensing term. Any license manager licensing fee paid on or after the first day of the licensing term is considered a late payment, and is subject to late payment fees, with interest accrued as specified in this Code and promulgated in the rules by the commissioner.


All persons obtaining a license to be a license manager shall deposit with the commissioner a bond, in the penal sum of $200,000.00, containing one or more sureties to be approved by the commissioner.  Such bond shall be payable to the City of Chicago and shall be conditioned that the licensed license manager shall comply with the provisions of the Municipal Code of Chicago and the rules and regulations promulgated thereunder, and shall pay all fines, orders of restitution, or judgments for damages ordered by the department of administrative hearings, or a court of competent jurisdiction, based on a violation of the Municipal Code and the rules and regulations promulgated thereunder, committed by the licensed license manager, his agents or employees, while acting within the scope of their employment.  The licensed license manager is immediately liable for satisfaction upon determination of the fine or award judgment, or, if timely appeal is taken, upon final determination of the appeal.


Each license manager shall file with the commissioner a plan detailing the off-street parking of the taxicab vehicles that he manages when such vehicles are not in use.


The commissioner is authorized to promulgate any and all rules for the effective administration of this section.


Licensed license managers in violation of the provisions of this section or rules thereunder are subject to fines and other applicable penalties, including but not limited to termination of the license manager’s license.



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