§ 9-112-410

Advertising signs permitted when


It is unlawful for any licensee to install and/or display any advertising sign or device on or in a licensed taxicab vehicle before the advertising sign or device is approved by the commissioner and permitted pursuant to this section.


Taxicab licensees may apply for permits to install and/or display an advertising sign or device on the exterior and interior of the vehicle.  A separate permit is required for each exterior and interior advertising display or installation.  The commissioner shall promulgate rules specifying the locations on the taxicab where advertising signs or devices may be installed or displayed, as well as describing the permissible design, construction and method of affixing the installation or display to the vehicle, and also may include additional guidelines for such installations or displays and the permit process.  In establishing such criteria, considerations shall include:


visual clutter and aesthetics on the public way;


the safety and comfort of passengers, drivers, pedestrians and other motorists;


the visibility of all information required by this chapter to be displayed on the exterior of taxicabs, including but not limited to vehicle numbers, ownership indicia, dome light and availability signal; and


the visibility of all information required by this chapter to be displayed on the interior of taxicabs, including but not limited to the taximeter, license card display, chauffeur’s license display, rate sheets, and other required information.


The department shall inform applicants for an advertising display permit under this section whether the application is approved or disapproved within thirty business days after its receipt of the completed application, unless it gives the applicant written notice that it needs an additional thirty business days and the reasons therefor.  If the application is approved, the department shall issue an advertising display permit.  If the department denies the permit application, it shall provide written notice of its decision within such time period, stating the specific grounds and rules that form the basis for such denial.  If the department fails to so act within thirty business days after receipt of the application, or sixty business days if it has given advance notice of the need for an additional review period, the application shall be deemed granted and the permit shall be issued, provided that the permit fee has been paid.


The fee for the issuance of any interior or exterior advertising display permit shall be $100.00 for each display, payable at time of application.  This fee shall be in addition to the personal property lease transaction tax that applies to lease or rental payments pursuant to Chapter

3-32 of the municipal code.


Where the commissioner has by rule approved any type of advertising display device that involves the installation of a physical apparatus on or in the taxicab vehicle, or that involves the painting of the exterior of the taxicab vehicle, an inspection is required as part of the advertising permitting process.  The fee for such inspection shall be an additional $100.00, payable at the

time of inspection by the person or entity installing the advertising display device or painting the exterior of the taxicab vehicle.


An interior or exterior advertising permit issued under this section shall expire one year after the date of issue, unless sooner surrendered, revoked or terminated.


No permit for interior or exterior advertising issued pursuant to this section shall be transferred or assigned.


The suspension or revocation of a license issued pursuant to this chapter shall act as the suspension or revocation of any advertising permit issued hereunder to the affected taxicab vehicles.


Each licensee to whom a permit is issued under this section shall maintain complete and accurate records of all revenues received from the display of any advertising sign or device.  Each such licensee shall submit to the commissioner, upon request, an affidavit in such form as may be required by the commissioner, stating the gross revenues received by the licensee from the display of any advertising sign or device, and any other financial information that the commissioner may determine is relevant in monitoring advertising revenues.


In the event that the licensee receives any income from any advertising maintained on or in the vehicle, a percentage of such income shall be distributed to any public chauffeur leasing that same vehicle.  The commissioner shall promulgate rules governing the distribution percentage and the method of distribution.

(Added Coun. J. 1-18-12, p. 19118, § 1)



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