§ 9-112-340

Taxicab affiliations


An applicant must apply for a taxicab affiliation license using a print or electronic form prescribed by, and as directed by, the commissioner, and accompanied by such documents as the commissioner may require.


No organization shall operate as a City of Chicago taxicab affiliation without first being licensed by the commissioner.  Application for a taxicab affiliation license shall be made on such forms and accompanied by such documents as the commissioner may require and shall include, but not be limited to, proof that the taxicab affiliation has its principal place of business in Chicago and the name, Chicago business address and telephone number, residence address and license numbers of each licensee so affiliated. Subsequent to licensing, if there are changes in any material information contained in the submitted license application, such changes must be reported in writing to the commissioner within 48 hours.


In consideration of a new taxicab affiliation application, applicants will be subject to qualification requirements as provided in Section

9-112-100" destination-id="JD_9-112-100">9-112-100 of this Code and inspection requirements as provided in Section 9-112-110" destination-id="JD_9-112-110">9-112-110 of this Code.  In addition, the commissioner may consider factors including, but not limited to, effects on public interests and taxicab industry economics, in evaluating the new taxicab affiliation application.


No taxicab affiliation may have more than 25 percent of the total number of city licensed taxicabs as affiliates.


No taxicab affiliation licensed under this chapter may dispatch a taxicab for the purpose of providing transportation to a customer unless the vehicle is properly licensed to provide the transportation

requested.  The commissioner will notify a taxicab affiliation in the event of the suspension or revocation of any of its affiliate’s licenses.


Whenever notice is required to be served by the commissioner on any licensee, the commissioner may provide service by certified mail, electronic mail, or facsimile upon the registered address of the licensee’s taxicab affiliation listed in the department’s records.


All affiliated taxicabs licensed by the City of Chicago, when in service and for hire, must be equipped at all times to allow for the dispatch of the vehicle to any person requesting transportation.  Taxicab affiliations and affiliates are responsible for ensuring that such equipment is activated and operating at all times when the affiliated taxicab is in service.


In the event that a taxicab affiliation contracts with a two-way dispatch service to provide a two-way dispatch system to its affiliates, the taxicab affiliation shall be liable for any acts or omissions of the two-way dispatch service which may violate city ordinances or the rules and regulations promulgated thereunder.


No taxicab affiliation shall discriminate in the dispatch of service against any member of the general public requesting transportation.


An affiliate may not have its membership in a taxicab affiliation terminated by the taxicab affiliation, except on 30 days prior written notice to the affiliate and the commissioner.


If following a hearing held by the department of administrative hearings, a taxicab affiliation is found to have violated any of the provisions of any city ordinance or of the rules and regulations promulgated thereunder, the taxicab affiliation shall be subject to all applicable penalties, including but not limited to a fine, license suspension, and/or license revocation.


The annual fee for each taxicab affiliation license is $500.00 plus $15.00 for each licensee affiliated with the taxicab affiliation at the time of licensing or renewal.  All taxicab affiliation licenses expire on November 30.  Renewal of taxicab affiliation licensing must be made during the month of November. The fee shall be paid in advance before the license is issued.  In order to avoid lapse of the taxicab affiliation license, the licensee must renew the license before the expiration date of the licensing term.  Renewal fees must be paid before the first day of the licensing term.  Any licensing fee paid on or after the first day of the licensing term is considered a late payment, and is subject to late payment fees, interest accrued as specified in this Code and promulgated in the rules by the commissioner.  If an affiliation license is not renewed in a timely manner, such affiliation license shall be considered lapsed.


When a licensee changes its taxicab affiliation during the affiliation licensing year, the commissioner will assess the licensee a $25.00 change of affiliation licensing fee.  The commissioner will promulgate in rules the process governing a change of affiliation.


The commissioner may promulgate rules governing taxicab affiliations and licensees as affiliates.

(Added Coun. J. 1-18-12, p. 19118, § 1)



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