§ 9-112-010


For purposes of this chapter the following definitions shall apply:

“Chauffeur” or “public chauffeur” means the driver of a taxicab vehicle, who is licensed by the city as a public chauffeur.

Commissioner” means the city’s commissioner of business affairs and consumer protection or her designee.

Council” means the city council of the City of Chicago.

Department” means the city’s department of business affairs and consumer protection.

Fuel efficient vehicle” means a hybrid vehicle or alternative fuel vehicle (AFV), as defined by the Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPAct), as amended, including any dedicated, flexible-fuel, or dual-fuel vehicle designed to operate on at least one alternative fuel.  Alternative fuels include but are not limited to the following:

a. Compressed natural gas (CNG)

b. Biodiesel (B20 blend or higher)

c. Propane

d. Hydrogen

e. Electricity

License broker” means any person who acts as an authorized agent in negotiating the transfer of a license or negotiating a loan secured or to be secured by an encumbrance upon transfer of a medallion license.

License manager” means any person who assumes or undertakes any or all of the responsibilities of the licensee, including, but not limited to, those responsibilities relating to the leasing of the taxicab vehicle.

Licensee” means any person to whom the city has issued a license pursuant to this chapter.

Medallion” means the metal plate, furnished by the commissioner, for display on the outside hood of a taxicab, as the physical representation of a license to operate as a taxicab.

Model year” means that year designated in the vehicle manufacturer’s certificate of origin or on the vehicle title issued by the Secretary of State of Illinois or other state.

Owner-Operator” means a licensee that (1) owns or controls no more than one taxicab medallion license and (2) who certifies that no chauffeur other than the individual license holder, his spouse, or his natural or legally adopted child will operate and drive the taxicab.

If the medallion license holder is a corporate entity, the 100 percent shareholder and/or the listed president of the corporate entity is considered the licensee for “owner- operator” status.

Principal place of business in the City of Chicago” means (1) a location where the City may send, and the licensee shall accept, notices of hearing or other notices from the City; and (2) a location where a licensee maintains its business and financial records relating to the licenses involved.

Taxicab” means a vehicle licensed under this chapter for hire at rates of fare set forth in this chapter, which are or should be recorded and indicated by a taximeter.

Taxicab affiliation” means an association of licensees organized and incorporated for the purpose of providing its members with (1) a Chicago business address, (2) telephone number registered to the taxicab affiliation, (3) uniform color scheme, (4) trade name or emblem, (5) an approved two-way dispatch system, (6) insurance, and (7) the designation of an authorized registered agent.  Members of a taxicab affiliation shall be known as “affiliates”.

Taximeter” means a device which records and indicates a charge or fare measured by distance traveled, waiting time, number of passengers, and any extra charges set forth in this chapter.  Taximeters must meet specifications set forth by the commissioner in rules and regulations.

Transfer of a license” means the buying, selling or assigning of a medallion license or medallion licenses or the buying, selling and assigning of more than 25 percent of the stock or other interest in a person that owns or controls a medallion license or medallion licenses, whether such ownership or control is through a subsidiary, successor or any other person.

Two-way dispatch system” means a method of communication by which a dispatcher may communicate simultaneously or individually with the drivers of all vehicles in an organization and for each driver to communicate with the dispatcher, so long as the manner of usage of such device while driving a taxicab does not violate City, State or Federal regulations.  For purposes of this definition, the term “organization” refers to the taxicab affiliation and all its affiliates.

Vehicle Age” means the age of a vehicle computed by totaling the number of the years in between and including both the calendar year and the model year.  For example a vehicle with a model year of 2009 has a vehicle age of 4 years in the 2012 calendar year (2009 + 2010 + 2011 + 2012).

Accessibility fund” means a fund used to improve the services of taxicabs and transportation network vehicles (as defined in Section 9-115-010) for people with disabilities.  Uses of this fund include, but are not limited to, reimbursement for costs associated with converting or purchasing a vehicle to be used as a taxicab or transportation network vehicle that is fully wheelchair accessible by ramp or lift.  The maximum amount of reimbursement per taxicab vehicle from the fund, and the conditions of reimbursement and the maximum amount of reimbursement per a transportation network vehicle from the fund will be established by rules and regulations, in consultation with, among other individuals as the commissioner may determine, representatives from the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities, the community of people with disabilities, the taxi industry, and the transportation network providers industry.

Wheelchair accessible vehicle” or “WAV” means a vehicle that a person in a wheelchair may enter and exit independently or with assistance while seated in a wheelchair.  A WAV shall safely secure and restrain the wheelchair.

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