§ 2-92-585

Slavery Era Business / Corporate Insurance Disclosure

This section shall be known and cited as the “Business, Corporate and Slavery Era Insurance Ordinance”. The purpose of this section is to promote full and accurate disclosure to the public about any slavery policies sold by any companies, or profits from slavery by other industries (or their predecessors) who are doing business with the city.

Each contractor with whom the city enters into a contract, whether subject to competitive bid or not, must complete an affidavit verifying that the contractor has searched any and all records of the company or any predecessor company regarding records of investments or profits from slavery or slaveholder insurance policies during the slavery era. The names of any slaves or slaveholders described in those records must be disclosed in the affidavit. The chief procurement officer shall make the information available to the public and provide an annual report to the city council.

Failure to comply with this section shall deem the contract voidable on behalf of the city.

(Added Coun. J. 10-2-02, p. 94889, § 1)


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