§ 13-78-080

Minimum plan requirements

The provisions of this section reflect minimum requirements which are not intended to restrict owners from implementing such additional measures as warranted.


Each plan shall contain a description of the actions all occupants should take in an emergency evacuation or drill during the regular business hours of the building and during nonregular business hours of the building. Each plan shall set out a procedure for an evacuation of five floors below and two floors above any emergency resulting from a fire on a certain floor, and shall also set out a procedure for a full evacuation of the building.


Each plan shall specify in detail the evacuation role and duties of the designated personnel required by Section

13-78-050" destination-id="JD_13-78-050">13-78-050, and shall state the names and in-house and wireless telephone and pager numbers for the F.S.D., deputies F.S.D., and building evacuation supervisor.


Each plan shall require the creation and posting, in all elevator lobbies, of the high-rise building’s core floor plan, showing floor-by-floor corridors, stairways, evacuation routes, areas of rescue assistance and elevator lobbies. With respect to residential high-rise buildings, the core floor plan also shall be made available to each residential unit for posting inside the residential unit.


Each plan shall establish a fire command station in the building lobby or entrance level for operations management in an emergency by the F.S.D., deputy F.S.D., or, for Category 4 buildings that have not designated an F.S.D. or deputy F.S.D., other appropriate person.


Each plan shall list the name and normal floor location of each regular occupant who has voluntarily self-identified that they need assistance and the type of assistance required to swiftly exit the high rise building in case of an emergency. Each plan shall designate and describe the location of one or more places of refuge or rescue, if any, for all such occupants in an emergency. As to each such occupant, the plan shall provide for an individual who is one of the personnel designated pursuant to Section

13-78-050" destination-id="JD_13-78-050">13-78-050 to assist such occupant during an evacuation or safety drill.


Each plan shall be filed: (1) in the office of the high-rise building; (2) at the security desk; and (3) in the vicinity of the fireman’s elevator recall key or life safety panel or, as to residential buildings, in an identifiable location in the fire pump room. The plan shall be made readily available to building staff and to the designated personnel required by Section

13-78-050" destination-id="JD_13-78-050">13-78-050 at all times.

(Added Coun. J. 10-31-01, p. 71184, § 1)



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