§ 13-64-180

Smoke detectors – Hotels and motels and bed-and-breakfast establishments to provide smoke detectors to serve hearing impaired patrons

In addition to the smoke detectors required under Section

13-64-140" destination-id="JD_13-64-140">13-64-140, each hotel and motel and bed-and- breakfast establishment shall provide at least one smoke detector designed to serve hearing impaired persons, for each 50 units or fraction thereof. If a patron of a hotel or motel requests a smoke detector designed to serve hearing impaired persons, it shall be the duty of the hotel operator or motel operator to provide installation of such a smoke detector. For purposes of compliance with this section, a smoke detector is “designed to serve hearing impaired persons” if it emits a flashing or stroboscopic light signal or vibration to indicate the presence of smoke.

A smoke detector required under this section may be either portable or permanently wired to the electrical service of the hotel or motel in accordance with the provisions of Chapters 14-8, 14-16 through 14-36 and 14-44 through 14-72* of the municipal code of Chicago. A hotel operator or motel operator may require that a patron pay a refundable deposit at the time of providing a portable smoke detector for the patron’s room. The amount of the deposit shall not exceed the cost of the portable smoke detector.

* Editor’s note – Coun. J. 11-3-99, p. 13842, § 5, repealed Title 14, which pertained to electrical equipment and installation, with the exception of Ch. 14-46, which was renumbered as

Ch. 4-400 and also amended.

Each hotel operator and each motel operator shall post a notice at the place of registration of patrons, bearing the legend “smoke detectors for the hearing impaired available”. The notice shall contain print no smaller than three inches high. The notice shall be posted in such a manner as to be visible to registering patrons.

(Prior code § 52-11.6; Added Coun. J. 6-25-86, p. 31212; Amend Coun. J. 9-4-03, p. 7118, § 21)



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