§ 13-56-320

Other occupancies – Occupancy contents

In occupancies, other than assembly units, the occupancy contents shall be determined by dividing the net floor area within the perimeter of the space or building not including elevators, stairways, or other shaft enclosures by the floor area per person established in the following table:

13-56-320" name="Table 13-56-320"/>Table 13-56-320Other Occupancies, Occupant Load – Floor Area Per Person


Residential units 125

Institutional units (See Ch. 53-7(a)) 150

Business units 100(a)

Mercantile units

First floor 30

Basement sales floor 30

Other floors 60

Industrial units

Power plants 400

Other industrial units 100

Storage units 300



In a building in which one or more technology centers are located, occupancy of the entire floor and the capacity of fire stairs shall be determined in accordance with the “net floor area” defined in Section

13-56-320" destination-id="JD_13-56-320">13-56-320. For individual tenant spaces qualifying as technology centers, the occupant load shall be determined on the basis of the “special (technology center) net floor” area which, in addition to the exclusion listed in Section 13-56-320" destination-id="JD_13-56-320">13-56-320, also excludes stationary computer equipment and computer machinery.

(Prior code § 48-13.2; Amend Coun. J. 6-28-00, p. 36679, § 6)



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