§ 13-56-310

Assembly units and open air assembly units – Occupancy content

For assembly units and open air assembly units, the occupancy content shall be based on the capacity of the rooms or spaces used for assembly purposes and shall be determined as follows:


In rooms or spaces with fixed seating, the occupancy content shall be the actual number of seats provided. When no divisions between seats are provided, fixed seating shall be computed at 18 inches per person.


In rooms or spaces without fixed seating, the occupancy content shall be determined by the dividing of the net floor area (excluding the areas occupied by elevators, toilet rooms, stairways, other shaft enclosures, and by permanent fixtures such as bowling alleys, bars, cigar counters, exit facilities, entrance vestibules, lunch counters and serving spaces for same, etc.) by the floor area per person established in the following table:

Occupancy Floor Area Per Person

(1) School classrooms (other than open plan schools) and recreation rooms 20 sq. ft.

(2) Open plan schools, school laboratories and shops 30 sq. ft.

(3) Museums, libraries and similar uses 20 sq. ft.

(4) Restaurants 15 sq. ft.

(5) Other assembly uses 6 sq. ft.

(6) Exhibition areas 20 sq. ft.

(7) Day care center – Class I 35 sq. ft.

(Prior code § 48-13.1)



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