§ 13-56-290

Separation from public spaces below grade


The interior of any building which adjoins a subway or other public space below grade not open to the sky, shall be separated from subway or other public space by walls or floors of solid masonry or reinforced concrete, or equal with a fire-resistive rating of not less than four hours.


Every opening through a wall, required by this section to be used as an exit, shall be protected by a labeled outswinging Class A fire door. Such doors shall be equipped with approved panic hardware and may be single or pairs. Every other opening through such wall, not required as an exit shall be protected with a Class A fire door.


No wall used in a separation required by this section shall be located more than twenty feet back from the subway or other public space. Show windows and display spaces may be located on the public side of such separating wall, but there shall not be more than one door opening into each show window or display space.


Nothing in this section shall be construed to prevent the entire space under any building or any portion of such space, or any passage through a building from being used as a right-of-way or switching space for railroads or public carriers; provided, however, that such spaces or passages shall not be designed or used as a public thoroughfare nor as a parking space for motor vehicles where such use is prohibited by other sections of this Code; and provided further, that such space is separated from the interior and adjacent parts of the building as required by this section for subways.

(Prior code § 48-12.6)



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