§ 13-56-030

Class A-1, single-family dwelling

A “one-family dwelling” is a building containing one dwelling unit only or one group home only or an intermediate care facility for the developmentally disabled – 15 or less only. A “family” consists of one or more persons each related to the other by blood (or adoption), together with such blood relations’ respective spouses, who are living together in a single dwelling and maintaining a common household. A “family” includes any domestic servants and not more than one gratuitous guest residing with said “family”. A “family” also consists of the residents of a family home. An otherwise qualifying building does not lose its status as a Class A-1, single-family dwelling because a bed-and- breakfast establishment is operated in the building if (1) the bed-and-breakfast establishment has operated continuously in the building as of January 16, 2003; and (2) the operator of the bed-and-breakfast establishment files an application for a bed-and-breakfast establishment license no later than the effective date of this amendatory ordinance; provided, however, that a Class A-1, single-family dwelling containing a bed-and- breakfast establishment will lose its status as a Class A-1, single-family dwelling if the building or the bed- and-breakfast establishment is altered, expanded, enlarged or newly constructed after the effective date of this amendatory ordinance.

(Prior code § 48-2.1; Amend Coun. J. 12-21-84, p. 12140; Amended during Supplement No. 2, 4-91; Amend Coun. J. 9-4-03, p. 7118, § 4)


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