§ 13-56-010

Building classifications – Classes designated

Every new or existing building or part thereof shall, for the purpose of this Code, be classified according to its use or occupancy in one of the following occupancy classes:

Class A, Residential Units.

Class A-1. Single-family dwellings.

Class A-2. Multiple dwellings.

Class B, Institutional units.

Class C, Assembly units.

Class C-1. Large assembly units.

Class C-2. Small assembly units.

Class C-3. Schools.

Class D, Open air assembly units.

Class E, Business units.

Class F, Mercantile units.

Class G, Industrial units.

Class G-1. Low hazard industrial units.

Class G-2. Moderate hazard industrial units.

Class H, Storage units.

Class H-1. Low hazard storage units.

Class H-2. Moderate hazard storage units.

Class H-3. Garages.

Class I, Hazardous use units.

Class J, Miscellaneous buildings and structures.

Each occupancy class shall include buildings or parts of buildings as hereinafter defined and those of similar character or use.  Whenever there is any uncertainty as to the classification of the building, the building commissioner shall consult with the director in charge of the bureau of fire prevention and they shall jointly fix the classification within which it falls according to the relative fire hazard involved.

(Prior code § 48-1; Amend Coun. J. 9-13-89, p. 4604; Amend Coun. J. 3-5-03, p. 104990, § 21; Amend Coun. J. 11-13-07, p. 14999, Art. II, § 1)



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