§ 13-52-190

Posting of floor loads


In every building or other structure, or part thereof, used for mercantile industrial or storage purposes, the loads approved by the building commissioner shall be marked on placards of approved design.  Such placards shall be supplied and securely affixed by the owner of the building, or his duly authorized agent, in a conspicuous place in each space to which they relate.  Application of such placard shall be accompanied by a certification from a registered architect or registered structural engineer that he personally inspected the building and that he computed the safe load in conformity with the provisions of this ordinance.  Duplicate placards may be issued to replace lost or destroyed placards without such certification upon payment of a fee in accordance with Section 13-32-320 of this Code, where the department of buildings has records of the safe floor load limits of particular buildings.


Exceptions – Posting for floor loads shall not be required in buildings or portions thereof used exclusively for the production and distribution of electricity, gas or steam.


Spaces in garages and parking facilities designed for the use of passenger automobiles only shall be placarded as follows: “This floor to be used for the storage of passenger automobiles only.”

(Prior code § 68-2.12; Added Coun. J. 11-29-89, p. 8387; Amend Coun. J. 9-13-89, p. 4604; Amend Coun. J. 3-5-03, p. 104990, § 20; Amend Coun. J. 11-13-07, p. 14999, Art. II, § 1)



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