§ 13-32-210

Moving buildings

No person shall be permitted to move any building which has been damaged to an extent greater than 50 percent of its value by fire, decay, or otherwise; nor shall it be permissible to move any frame or unprotected noncombustible building of such character as is prohibited to be constructed within the fire limits to any point within the fire limits; nor shall it be permissible to move any building to a location at which the uses for which such building is designed are prohibited by this Code.  The permit fee to move any building shall be as set forth in Section 13-32-310.  Such permits shall be granted (1) upon securing and filing the written consent of two-thirds of the property owners according to frontage on both sides of the street in the block in which such building is to be moved ; and (2) if all of the requirements of this code applicable to the moving of buildings are met, including, but not limited to, the requirements of sections 13-32-210, 13-40-110 and 13-116-110.  No permit shall be issued to move any building used or designed to be used for purposes for which frontage consents are required until frontage consents in the block to which such building is to be moved have also been secured and filed as required by the provisions of this Code relating to such use.

No building used for residence or multiple dwelling purposes shall be moved from one lot to another or from one location to another upon the same lot unless the space to be occupied on such lot shall comply with the provisions of Chapter 13-64 of this Code.

(Prior code § 43-17; Amend Coun. J. 12-12-07, p. 17167, § 38)



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