§ 13-32-030


Applications for building permits shall be in such form as shall be prescribed by the building commissioner. If the application for a building permit is required to be accompanied by drawings or plans, in addition to any other information that may be required, the application for such building permit shall include or otherwise be accompanied by the full name, residence address, business address, e-mail address, residence telephone number and business telephone number of the following persons:  (1) the applicant, (2) the owner of the property for which the building permit is sought, if such owner is different from the applicant, and (3) if such applicant or owner is a corporation, partnership, limited liability company or other legal entity, each person owning, directly or indirectly, more than 25 percent of the interest in such applicant or owner. For purposes of this section, “more than 25 percent” shall mean more than 25 percent of the combined voting power or fair market value of all stock, partnership interests or other ownership interests in the applicant or property owner or the right to receive at any time the distribution of more than 25 percent of the income or profits of the applicant or property owner.

Every such application for a permit shall be accompanied by a copy of every recorded easement on the lot on which the building is to be erected, and on the immediately adjoining lots, showing the use or benefit resulting from such easement. All such applications shall be accompanied by drawings, plans, and specifications in conformity with the provisions of this chapter. Where alterations or repairs in buildings are made necessary by reason of damage by fire, that fact shall be stated in the application for a permit. In such cases, before a permit shall be issued, the building commissioner shall cause a thorough inspection to be made of the damaged premises with the view of testing the structural integrity of the damaged parts. No permit shall be issued by the building commissioner for the construction, erection, addition to or alteration of any building or structure unless the applicant therefor shall furnish to the building commissioner a certificate or other written evidence of the proper federal officer or agency that the proposed construction is not prohibited by any order, rule or directive of an agency of the United States government.

If the building commissioner determines that an application or any supporting documentation required for a building permit is incomplete or otherwise deficient, the commissioner shall notify the applicant or the applicant’s agent of such fact in writing. Such notification, which shall be dated, shall (1) explain why the application or supporting documentation is deficient; (2) state that no further processing of the application shall occur until the deficiencies identified in the notification are corrected; and (3) inform the applicant that if the deficiencies are not corrected within 120 days of the date indicated on the face of the notification, the application shall be deemed, by operation of law, to have been withdrawn. Provided, however, that upon receipt of a written request from the applicant, and for good cause shown, the building commissioner may extend, to a date certain, the period to cure the deficiencies identified in the notification required under this subsection.

Except in the case of residential garages, fence installation or repairs or repairs to buildings to meet code requirements, prior to issuing a building permit, the building commissioner shall give ten days’ written notice of the proposed issuance of the permit to the alderman of the ward in which the proposed work to be done is to be located, and no permit shall be valid unless such notice is delivered; provided, however, that the affidavit of the building commissioner showing delivery of such notice to an alderman in person or by mailing to such address as he may have filed with the city clerk, shall be conclusive evidence of delivery of such notice. In cases of emergencies, a permit may be issued, to take immediate effect, under the building commissioner’s authority. And the building commissioner shall notify the alderman of the ward in which the proposed work to be done is located of the issuance of such permit within 24 hours of the issuance thereof.

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