§ 13-196-730

Light and ventilation

Light and ventilation requirements are to comply with code provisions in effect at the time the building was originally constructed or they may comply with present requirements for new construction except as follows:


A kitchen with a floor of less than 70 square feet may be without either mechanical or natural ventilation if there is an opening of not less than 32 square feet between the kitchen and another room in the same family unit and if the room into which the kitchen opens meets the ventilation requirements of this Code.


Every toilet room and bathroom shall have adequate ventilation which may be either an openable window with an operable area of five percent of the floor area, mechanical ventilation complying with the requirements of Chapter 13-176*, or a gravity vent flue constructed with incombustible leading to the roof of the building, or a combination of any of these. The gravity vent shall be computed at an aggregate clear area of not less than five percent of the floor area of the room, with a minimum area of at least 120 square inches. Gravity vents shall be provided with a weather cap, directional vane, or rotary type ventilation on roof.

(Prior code § 78-71)

* Editor’s note – Coun. J. 7-9-03, p. 3609, § 1, repealed Ch. 13-176, which pertained to ventilation.



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