§ 13-196-620

Residential buildings – Responsibilities of occupants

Every occupant of a family unit must:


Keep that part of the family unit which he occupies and controls in a clean, sanitary and safe condition;


Keep all plumbing and other fixtures required by this chapter, whether or not supplied by the landlord, in a clean and sanitary condition, and if supplied by the landlord, must use reasonable care in the proper use and operation thereof;


If a single-family dwelling unit, exterminate any insects, rodents or other pests therein or on the premises and, if a family unit in a dwelling containing more than one family, exterminate such insects, pests, and rodents whenever his family unit is the only one in the dwelling infested, except as provided in Section 13-196-630 (c);


Dispose of all garbage and other refuse only in the containers required by Section 7-28-220 of the code and must place such refuse in the containers in a clean and sanitary manner;


Hang and remove all screens required for the family unit by this chapter unless the owner has agreed to supply such service;


Not place on the premises any material which may cause a fire hazard or otherwise endangers the health or safety of any occupant of such dwelling, nor place in storage on the premises any furniture, equipment, or material which harbors insects, rodents, or other pests;


Not permit any family unit let to him to be occupied so that any occupancy resulting therefrom violates any of the provisions of this chapter;


Provide heating facilities for that part of the family unit he occupies unless such facilities are provided by the owner. Gas appliances designed to be used primarily for cooking or water heating purposes shall not be considered as heating facilities within the meaning of this section.

(Prior code § 78-60)



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