§ 13-196-320

Roominghouses – Sanitary facilities

At least one flush water closet, lavatory basin and bathtub or shower shall be supplied for each ten persons or fraction of ten within a roominghouse, including members of the family of the owner if they share the use of the facilities.

All such facilities shall be properly connected to required water and sewage systems and shall be located within the dwelling so as to be reasonably accessible from a common hall or passageway to all persons sharing such facilities, and shall not be more than one story removed from the rooming unit of any occupant intended to share the facilities. In a roominghouse in which rooms are let only to males, flush urinals may be substituted for not more than 33 and one-third percent of the required number of water closets.

In a roominghouse where both sexes are accommodated, the water closets shall be separately calculated, based on the occupancy of each sex, except where not more than two water closets are required.

(Prior code § 78-30)



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