§ 13-196-300

Institutional units

In every pre-ordinance institutional building, every room used for the storage or application of anesthetics consisting of flammable or explosive gases or mixtures, including cyclopropane, ether chloride, ethylene, propylene, or any flammable liquids, shall have safeguards for installation and operation of such rooms and equipment as follows:


Any cylinders containing anaesthetizing gases or liquids shall be plainly marked with the name of the substance which they contain and shall comply with the requirements of the Interstate Commerce Commission for such containers. Such cylinders or containers shall not be stored in any operating room. Approved regulators or gas flow devices shall be provided for any such substances, except low pressure oxygen containers.

No such regulators or gas flow devices shall permit the intermixing of gases by any error or manipulation.


The construction and equipment of operating rooms shall comply with the applicable requirements of Section 13-80-040.

(Prior code § 78-28)



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