§ 13-196-290

Pre-ordinance hotels

Every pre-ordinance hotel (built before July 7, 1957) more than two stories and basement in height, having sleeping accommodations for more than 25 persons above the second story, and every pre-ordinance hotel of any capacity more than four stories and basement in height, shall comply with the requirements of Section 15-8-120 pertaining to the protection of stairs, shafts and vertical openings, except as follows:


Enclosing walls and partitions may be of construction providing fire resistance of not less than one hour.


Doors required for protection of openings in enclosures may be Class C fire doors of combustible material faced on both sides with materials not less fire resistive than sheet steel 18 gauge in thickness. Openings, if any, shall be glazed with wire glass and shall not exceed 144 square inches in area, except that existing openings not exceeding 1,296 square inches in area may be permitted.


Where the top or bottom riser in a stairwell is so located that the vertical enclosures therein required will not be practical to erect without unreasonable hardship, a horizontal cutoff there shall be not more than three openings to dwelling units or other nonpublic spaces on each floor, and such dwelling units or nonpublic spaces shall be separated from the corridor by partitions providing fire resistance of not less than one hour with all openings protected with self-closing Class C fire doors.

(Prior code § 78-27)



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