§ 13-196-190

Standpipe systems – Where required

Standard inside standpipe systems, complying with the requirements of Chapter 15-16, shall be provided in all buildings exceeding 80 feet in height with the following exceptions:


Institutional Units. In institutional units, standpipes shall be provided in all buildings more than four stories or 55 feet in height.


Stage Blocks. In stage blocks, standpipes shall be provided on each side of the stage, on each tier of dressing rooms, and within 55 feet of all property rooms, store rooms or work rooms.


Storage Structures. Standpipes shall not be required in grain elevators or similar storage structures, where such standpipes are ineffective owing to the type of structure and inaccessibility of hose connections.

For the purpose of determining standpipe requirements, the height of a building shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of Section 13-48-020. Towers, steeples, tanks and similar structures not intended or used for human occupancy shall not be considered in determining the height.


This section shall not apply to a building used as a business unit or storage unit, in existence prior to January 20, 1950, which is equipped throughout with an approved system of automatic sprinklers or is a fire resistive building of Type IA, IB or IC construction, provided that a standpipe system complying with Section 15-16-1190 is also provided in the building.


In exhibition areas standpipes shall be provided regardless of the height of the building and standpipe locations shall provide complete coverage of the fire area with 100 foot hose lengths and 30 foot hose streams.

(Prior code § 78-18)



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