§ 13-196-180

Sprinkler systems – Where required

The following existing buildings or structures, or parts thereof, are to be equipped with sprinkler systems complying with the requirements of Chapter 15-16:


Every building of construction Type III or IV and of two stories or more in height, used in part or in whole as a Type I school, hospital, infirmary, nursery, orphanage, sheltered-care home, sanitoria or home for the aged or used in whole as a Type II school;


Every building used in whole or in part as a men’s cubicle hotel which does not comply with Section 13-64-020(a) of this Code;


Every building used primarily as an exhibition area or in that portion of any building used as an exhibition area;


Every building used in whole or in part as a nursing home, as defined, in Section 13-4-010.


Areas used for storage of combustible containers in new and existing buildings, with exhibition areas, shall be enclosed with a two-hour fire resistive construction, and shall be equipped with a standard sprinkler system, as defined in Chapter 15-16 of this Code.

(Prior code § 78-17; Amend Coun. J. 5-9-12, p. 27485, § 178)



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