§ 13-196-035

Maintenance of exterior walls and enclosures – Reporting


For every ongoing inspection and repair report, and for every critical examination report, the owner shall submit the report, accompanied by a filing fee, to the building commissioner.


The commissioner shall make a determination whether a report submitted by the owner is acceptable or not acceptable.  A report shall not be considered filed until the building commissioner makes a determination that the report is acceptable.


For any report determined to be not acceptable, the owner shall: (1) submit a new report that addresses the deficiencies noted in the original report; and (2) pay a fee for reviewing the new report.


The commissioner may, in rules and regulations, establish the amount of any fee and appropriate timeframes for the submission of any report, required by this section.

(Added Coun. J. 11-13-07, p. 15852, § 1)

Editor’s note – Coun. J. 11-13-07, p. 15852, § 1, repealed former § 13-196-035, which pertained to ongoing inspection and repair programs related to maintenance of exterior walls and enclosures.



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