§ 13-172-130

Courts and yards

All courts and yards required to serve rooms for natural light or natural ventilation purposes shall comply with the requirements of this section.


Minimum width. (i) Every such court or yard shall have a minimum width of 3 feet (1,005 mm) up to a height of 36 feet above grade and thereafter an additional 2 inches (76 mm) for each 1 foot (305 mm) of height or fraction thereof up to a maximum width of 15 feet (7,620 mm). Above required width values shall apply to outer courts and twice these values shall apply for inner courts. (ii) In the case of irregular or gore- shaped courts or yards, as these are defined in Section

13-172-030" destination-id="JD_13-172-030">13-172-030, the average width shall not be less than the required width of a court in accordance with subsection (a) (i) of this section, but shall not be less than 5 feet (1,524 mm) at any point.


Access to court. A door or other means of access shall be provided at the bottom of every court that is not otherwise provided with convenient access for purposes of cleaning.


Air intakes. Every court which serves one or more habitable rooms and which does not open for its full height on one or more sides to a street or legal yard, shall be connected at or near the bottom with a street or yard by a horizontal intake or passage of fire-resistance rated construction, as provided in Section

15-8-660" destination-id="JD_15-8-660">15-8-660. Such intake or passage shall have a cross-sectional area of not less than 21 square feet (1.95m2) and shall remain fully open at both ends and unobstructed for its full size and length, except that grilles of noncombustible construction are permitted at the ends of the intake.

(Added Coun. J. 4-29-98, p. 66679, § 1)



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