§ 13-172-080

Artificial light


General. Artificial light shall be capable of providing the minimum illumination specified for natural light.


Stairway Illumination. (i) All stairways within dwelling units shall be provided with a minimum illumination level of ten footcandles (107 lux) measured at every tread nosing. Exterior stairways serving a dwelling unit shall have an illumination level on tread runs of 1 footcandle. (ii) The control for activation of the required stairway lighting within a dwelling unit shall be operable from the top and bottom of each stairway without traversing any step of the stair. The illumination of an exterior stairway serving a dwelling unit shall be controlled from inside the dwelling unit, unless continuously illuminated or automatically activated.

(Added Coun. J. 4-29-98, p. 66679, § 1)


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