§ 13-160-470

Exterior and interior ramps for handicapped

Exterior and interior ramps for the handicapped in the route of travel shall comply with the following regulations:


The surface of any ramp shall be made of a non-skid material.


The width of the ramp shall be at least 36 inches.


The top and bottom of the ramp shall provide for a level surface containing at least 25 square feet in area with a minimum dimension of four feet six inches.


There shall be intermediate level platforms of a minimum of four feet six inches every 30 feet of ramp length.


All major turns in ramps shall be equipped with a level intermediate platform at the turn of no less than four feet six inches in width.


There shall be provided at least one handrail, 32 to 34 inches high, along one side of each ramp that provides for any change in vertical elevation that exceeds eight inches in height, extending horizontally one foot beyond the top and the bottom of the ramp.

(Prior code § 67-12.4)



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