§ 13-160-230

Outside exits


All outside exits at grade floor level shall lead to a public way directly or by way of a yard, court or fire-resistive passageway enclosed with walls, floors and ceiling providing fire-resistance of not less than two hours. The width of such yards, courts or passageways shall be not less than the width of any exit leading thereto. When a yard, court or passageway serves more than one exit, the width shall be increased cumulatively in the direction of exit travel.


Where the grade floor is not more than six feet above the ground level outside the building access from an outside exit to a public way, yard or court may be by way of an outside platform having a dimension in the direction of travel of not less than four feet and connecting to grade level with outside steps having treads, risers and railings, required in Section 13-160-290. In determining requirements for outside exits, terraces extending not less than 20 feet from a building wall may be considered as constituting grade.

(Prior code § 67-8)



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