§ 13-12-070

Failure of property conformance with code – Request for injunction

If the appropriate official charged with the administration of any of the provisions of the code enumerated in Section 13-12-010 shall determine, upon due investigation, that any building or structure in the city fails to conform to the minimum standards of health and safety as set forth in the said provisions of this Code, and the owner or owners of such building or structure shall fail, after due notice, to cause such property to conform with said provisions of this Code, said official may, in addition to any other remedies, penalties or means of enforcement request the department of law to make application on behalf of the city to any court of competent jurisdiction for an injunction requiring compliance with said provisions of this Code or for such other order as the court may deem necessary or appropriate to secure such compliance. The department of law may then institute such proceedings on behalf of the city, as provided by law.

(Prior code § 39-6)


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