Pollution Of Waters* (11-4-1410 Et Seq.)

This is Article Viii of the Chicago Code, titled “Pollution Of Waters* (11-4-1410 Et Seq.).” It is part of Title 11, titled “Utilities And Environmental Protection.” It is part of Chapter 11-4, titled “Environmental Protection And Control.” It contains 6 laws. It’s comprised of the following 6 sections.

§ 11-4-1410
Disposal in waters prohibited
§ 11-4-1420
Ballast tank, bilge tank or other discharge
§ 11-4-1430
Waste retention tank
§ 11-4-1440
Wharfs, docks and similar structures in unsafe condition
§ 11-4-1450
Gas manufacturing residue
§ 11-4-1460