This is Part B of the Chicago Code, titled “Permitting.” It is part of Title 11, titled “Utilities And Environmental Protection.” It is part of Chapter 11-4, titled “Environmental Protection And Control.” It is part of Article Ii, titled “Air Pollution Control (11-4-580 Et Seq.).” It contains 8 laws. It’s comprised of the following 8 sections.

§ 11-4-620
Permitting of facilities, devices, or processes for control of air pollution
§ 11-4-630
Standards for issuance of air pollution control permits
§ 11-4-640
Shutdown of permitted equipment
§ 11-4-650
Permit fees
§ 11-4-660
Certificate of operation – Required
§ 11-4-670
Standards for the issuance of annual certificate of operation
§ 11-4-680
Certificate of operation fee
§ 11-4-690
Annual certification of compliance